Healthix Vendor Interoperability Program (VIP) Organizations

VIP Organizations can exchange Healthix data through a single solution

The Healthix Vendor Interoperability Program (VIP) supports vendors seeking to simplify interoperability with healthcare providers. As part of our VIP program, organizations have access to all Healthix technical specifications and industry-leading interoperability models to help support product development and expansion, thereby eliminating the expense and need to build and maintain costly aggregation platforms. To Learn More about the VIP Program, Click Here>


Introducing our Healthix VIPs


Collective Medical

Closing the communication gap with healthcare collaboration software

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Collective Medical is the nation’s leading real-time care notification, activation, and collaboration platform. Proven to streamline care transitions, improve coordination, and reduce unnecessary length of stay and admissions, Collective helps improve patient outcomes and lower costs by closing communication gaps across care settings that undermine care. With a nationwide network of thousands of hospitals and health systems, primary, specialty, and post-acute clinics, health plans and ACOs, Collective integrates alongside EHRs and health information exchanges to empower decision making by highlighting essential insights and actions to take on patients a provider has already seen, is currently seeing, or should see.

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Offering an innovative platform enabling secure communication of individuals test & vaccine data with consent using existing mobile technology

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HealthPassHQ is a cutting edge company formed with the express goal of offering technical and operational solutions to the Healthcare industry. HPHQ has developed Cleared2Go an innovative platform which will prove essential in enabling organizations and individuals to return to normal life from the current environment.

Cleared2Go is a simple, safe, and secure platform which provides individuals with immediate mobile communication of their Covid Test or Vaccine Data to a third party by using existing scanner and smartphone reader technology.

Through the Cleared2Go state of the art Cloud Dashboard, organizations can manage ID verification, Informed Consent, Covid/Vaccine status, Contact Tracing, real-time facility access and Audit Trail. Cleared2Go has worked with Healthix and its industry-leading interoperability technology to ensure data integrity and HIPPA compliance.

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MDLand International (MDLand)

A cloud-based certified electronic health records, clinical data services, practice management, connectivity and population health platform

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MDLand International (MDLand), founded in 1999 is a leading innovative health information technology company based in New York City providing cloud-based certified electronic health records, clinical data services, practice management, clinical connectivity and integration, and a population health platform to practices and healthcare organizations. As one of the largest digital health platforms in New York City, MDLand has been working closely with community provides and healthcare organizations: ACOs, PPS/DSRIP IPAs, MSOs, Public Health Agency, and Payors to provide them with a comprehensive health IT platform that addresses the key areas of patient centered care.

MDLand’s in depth clinical expertise and physician users’ involvement has helped to create intuitive products, which transform the clinical workflow of providers and the daily patient encounter process. VIPHealth is a patient health management mobile application which effectively streamlines the healthcare process. The application is a platform for collaboration and communication with the purpose of improving care coordination and enhancing patient care and safety. VIPHealth makes health data obtained through electronic health records and medical devices easily accessible to patients. Patients are able to take control of their own health wherever and whenever with VIPHealth’s features, which include physician messaging and appointment management capabilities.

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The Garage

A Company Focused on Population Health Management

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The Garage, based in Orlando, Fla., is a healthcare IT company exclusively focused on population health management. The company works with more than 100 Healthcare Organizations and over 17,000 providers, empowering them with a platform to create a more integrated, value-centered and patient-focused care experience. Through its collaborative population health management platform, the Bridge, The Garage touches more than 14 million patient lives, allowing providers to achieve the Triple Aim of lower cost, better care and improved health.

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A Precision Diagnostics Company

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mProbe Inc. is a biotechnology company founded out of Stanford University, promoting human health and wellness by transforming the fields of Precision Medicine, Precision Health, and Precision Healthcare Analytics.  We use a proprietary combination of artificial intelligence and multi-omic diagnostics, to advance how disease is predicted, prevented and treated.

In precision health, we identify phenotype patterns to recognize and interpret biological pathway irregularities that predict health risks and detect early disease onset or progression to prevent or address chronic diseases and their complications or inform interventions.

In precision medicine, we help oncologists choose the most effective therapies based on the individual’s tumor biology.

In precision analytics, we provide predictive risk solutions to hospitals and health systems, ACOs, CINs, HIEs and health plans. Our solutions provide real-time surveillance in an acute or emergency episode to predict intra-episode events and inform admission, discharge and follow-up decisions, while our population and transition risk solutions help customers stratify populations to mitigate risk of adverse events, costs and chronic conditions, helping clients succeed in value-based care.

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