Clinical Alerts: Alerts and Alerts+

Clinical Alerts are real-time notifications that inform healthcare and social service providers that their patient or client has had a notable event.


If providers receive alerts via the Healthix portal, they initially get a “tickler” notification on their smartphone or other device and are then directed to the portal. Or, providers simply access the alerts directly from their EHR. Providers can receive individual alerts throughout the day, in real-time, or have them sent once daily as a batched volume of notifications (i.e., Daily Digest). Providers may choose to pre-select a group of patients on whom to receive alerts or follow all their patients.

  • Alerts are available to providers without patient/client consent. They provide basic encounter information such as name, location, date, diagnoses and chief complaint.
  • Alerts+ are available to providers only with patient/client consent. These notifications provide full access to a person’s medical records. This means all procedures, medications, lab values, imaging results and more.

Types of Alerts

Alerts are provided in real-time 24/7:

  • Emergency room admission/discharge
  • Hospitals inpatient admission/discharge
  • Skilled Nursing facility and rehabilitation center admission/discharge
  • Death notification

Best customers for this service

Providers and care teams benefit the most from this service, as alerts enable continuity of care and the ability to stay informed about a patient’s or client’s encounters, especially those outside of your purview.

  • Alerts are triggered in real-time 24/7
  • Alerts can be triggered without patient consent and include limited health information. For full data access you must have patient consent.

Triggers for these events include:

  • ED Admission / Discharge
  • Hospital Admission / Discharge
  • Long Term Care/Skilled Nursing Facility Admission/Discharge
  • Death notification
  • Incarceration / Release NYC Dept. of Correction

Daily Digest:

  • If your team doesn’t want to receive a volume of alerts throughout the day, you can choose to receive a daily digest for all alerts received.

Alerts are delivered through:

  • a MDM/HL7
  • Direct Messaging
  • the Clinical Message Center (CMC) in the Healthix Portal

Which patients do you receive alerts for?

  • You can follow a subscriber (designated) list of patients or all your patients