Strategic Relationships

Advancing clinical data access and delivery

Through strategic relationships with leading technology and analytics vendors, Healthix has become the largest public Health Information Exchange (HIE) in the nation.  We deliver data of over 20 million patients, utilizing sophisticated algorithms to link the patient with his or her records from more than 8,000 healthcare facilities.


Our strategic vendor relationships include:

Intersystems Logo


InterSystems HealthShare and Health Insight platforms form the foundation of the Healthix HIE.

InterSystems HealthShare is an informatics platform and solutions family for connected care. It provides advanced interoperability to connect health systems across a health system, region, or entire nation. HealthShare enables Healthix participants to aggregate, share, and analyze data in real-time to provide a complete picture of the patient’s health record.

Health Insight is a robust analytics development solution that unlocks the value of shared health information for population and performance management.

Verato Logo


Verato leverages an innovative, big-data approach to patient matching that can link records even if patient demographic data is old, is sparse, or contains errors. Verato uses this approach to provide Healthix with a real-time, cloud-based patient matching service that automatically processes difficult match decisions that would otherwise become manual tasks in Healthix’ patient matching workflow. This saves Healthix time and effort—and ultimately leads to better health outcomes. Verato received a two-year HITRUST CSF v8 Certification in April 2017.

J2 Interactive Logo

J2 Interactive

Since 2007, we have relied on J2 for interface and application development, analytics, systems support, project management, and strategic technology consulting.

J2 has helped extend HealthShare’s core capabilities to support a series of innovative features and programs which include:

  • Real-time clinical event notifications
  • Bi-directional EHR interoperability with a growing list of vendors
  • Health plan integration to enable HEDIS reporting and other quality measures
  • Single sign-on to accelerate provider adoption
  • Functionality to support clinical research
  • Direct-enabled secure messaging to support Meaningful Use
  • Connectivity with the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY)
HBI Logo

HBI Health Business Intelligence

HBI’s Spotlight Data Solution, applications and risk models use real-time clinical, billing, and claims data to provide Healthix’ participants with actionable information to improve patient care and proactively monitor complex patient populations. HBI’s solutions consist of predictive risk models, dashboards, reports, and scorecards to support population health, risk management, readmission management, and quality improvement activities.

Mirth Logo


Mirth Mail, a HIPAA-compliant, robust direct message system powers our integrated provider messaging. Mirth helps improve care transitions and care coordination through improved alerting, notifications, and clinical document distribution.

Mirth Mail features on-boarding, registration, a webmail client interface, a multi-tiered administration system, a standards-compliant provider directory, and chat capabilities.

Chenoa Logo


Chenoa combines deep domain expertise and advanced information technologies to deliver transformative healthcare solutions. Our digital transformation experts deliver HIT platforms and solutions like Population Health Analytics, Remote Patient Monitoring, Claims, and Interoperability, enabling providers to improve the patient experience and optimizing revenue cycle management. As Healthix’ Gateway Vendor, Chenoa will leverage their MediOp data exchange platform to establish interoperability of patient registration, consent and clinical records from contracted Healthix Participants.

eHealth Technologies

eHealth Technologies, is our medical imaging partner, that provides access to diagnostic quality medical images for Healthix users as an integral part of their patients’ longitudinal health record. eHealth Connect® Image Exchange enables authorized Healthix users to view radiology, cardiology and EKG studies in conjunction with results reports from any connected PACS location on eHealthViewer® ZF – a unified, zero-footprint, web-based viewing platform that is also a fully diagnostic-quality FDA 510(k) Class II medical device. They can compare imaging studies from different PACS locations in a single image viewing session, collaborate with other Healthix users in a shared image viewing session, and transfer external priors into their local PACS simply, securely and efficiently.

Hub Models

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration Partnerships

Healthix works closely with more than 45 EHR vendors to connect with providers. There are three models of integration (1) a Hub Model – where Healthix connects to the EHR’s Hub to exchange data with multiple practices and healthcare organizations. Hub Models dramatically reduce time, cost and effort. (2) The Healthix Gateway Vendor (GV) enables Participants EHRs to connect to Healthix within 6-8 weeks through a robust data feed regardless of their EHRs ability for advanced interoperability and (3) A Conventional Integration (Non-Hub).
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We Source – A Social Determinant of Health (SDOH) App

Currently, Community Based Organizations, hospitals, FQHCs, behavioral health and primary care practices use the WeSource app to identify and meet client SDOH needs. The App may be used to screen any population, it is payer agnostic and may also be used for uninsured individuals. Trusted referral sources vetted and approved by the organizations using the tool are loaded into a referral data base. The App facilitates follow-up to close the loop of electronic referrals made to different social services, and feeds responses to the client’s electronic health record or care coordination platform. This referral roster is easily updated to provide the most current resources and scope for the organizations making referrals. By partnering with Healthix the SDOH data exchange combined with health records creates a 360 view of the client like never before and reduces workload and redundancy for collaborating agencies working to meet client needs.